tr-flagEach year, thousands of men and women decide to change the way they look by electing to have aesthetic and cosmetic surgery. Though not a necessary component to physical health, aesthetic surgery can improve the appearance of facial and body features and, in doing so, enhance self-image, awareness and esteem.

Our clinic works on aesthetic surgery, however aesthetic surgery and aesthetic medicine constitute our special concern. Our clinical studies on aesthetic surgery, aesthetic medicine course parallel with the advancement of the plastic surgery worldwide and are also aimed at contributing the advancement of plastic surgery.


Our primary target is to provide a reformist, contemporary, excellent health service without making a concession to scientific principles.

Your satisfaction is important for us. All our effort is aimed at your satisfaction of the service we provide.

Breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, breast reconstruction and gynecomastia for male breast reduction
Upper face lift (forehead lift), endoscopic face lift (mid face lifting), neck lift, cosmetic eyelid surgery, prominent ear correction (otoplasty), maxillofacial surgeru (chin reduction and augmentation), fat injection, dermabrasion
Natural shaped nose surgery, nose tip lifting (tip plasty), seconder rhinoplasty, nasal septal surgery and turbinate reduction in order to relieve breathing
Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), mini tummy tuck (mini abdominoplasty), arm lift (brachioplasty), thigh lift and liposuction
Vaginal tightening (vaginoplasty), vaginal inner lip reduction (labioplasty), vaginal outer lip reduction (vulvoplasty), pubic lift, G spot amplification
Botox injection for correction of facial wrinkles, reduction of armpit sweating and relieving migraine pain
Laser hair removal of unwanted hair, skin rejuvenation via PRP, hair mesotherapy and regional slimming

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