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You may get extra information about each procedure from the menu. Aesthetic procedures are not limited with the listed in the menu, however all procedures in the field of aesthetic and plastic surgery can be performed in Turkey.

If you need extra information or consultation, actual application to our clinic is recommended. For some procedures, during the consultation your anticipated appearance that will be achieved after surgery is determined before the surgery by computerized imaging system as considering your expectations and general aesthetic criterions. It is recommended you to get an appointment for consultation. You may get the appointment as calling # 90.212.351 47 00 on weekdays at 10:00-18:00, on Saturdays at 10:00-14:00.

For your satisfaction three main subjects are considered:


Performing the surgery in modern hospitals with high standards for your safety, and using the recent techniques and drugs for anesthesia by our experienced anesthesiologist team minimize the possible risks of the anesthesia, and also provide you to be operated with the feelings of safety and quiet.


Our experienced anesthesiologist team makes you not to feel some complains that make you to be disturbed after surgery such as pain, nausea, vomiting, moaning, retching and also provides you to feel comfort and easy.


Each procedure is planned as designing the ideal model for person and considering general and personal aesthetic criterions.


The procedures which require general anesthesia and hospitalization are performed in private hospitals that we recommend or you especially prefer. Modern hospitals with high standards are always preferred. Because expense of surgery varies from hospital to hospital, the cost of the procedure depends on the chosen hospital, the kind of the surgery and the special options of the procedures. During the consultation, the cost of the procedure will be told after the details and preferences are clearly decided.


  • Make your travel programme. Inform us your programme including your arrival date, consultation date, surgery date and departure date at least 10 days prior you arrive us to prepare surgical organization and hospital reservation. Make your departure programme according to hospitalization time which you may see the table below for each procedures. Be aware that some minor health problems or prolonged recovery may retard your departure.
  • Before getting the surgery you must not take any medications containing acetylsalicylate acid, i.e. Aspirin. No pain killers containing acetylsalicylate acid 1 week before the date. Smoking should be stopped as early as possible and not to smoking anymore after surgery is recommended. Women should take care of operation date not to coincide with menstruation.
  • Anytime you have major surgery done, it is always good to have a friend or family member present both during and after the procedure. When flying abroad to receive medical treatment, it’s strongly recommended that you take someone with you.
Surgical Programme Guide
Procedure Hospitalization time (Day) Post-operative travelling time (Minimum)
Aesthetic face lifting 2 5. day
Endoscopic forehead lift 1 5. day
Endoscopic midface lift 1 5. day
Aesthetic neck lifting 1 5. day
Brow lifting 0 (Out-patient) 3. day
Aesthetic nose surgery ( Rhinoplasty ) 1 3. day or optionally 7. day
Lower eyelid surgery 0-1 3. day
Upper eyelid surgery 0 (Out-patient) 2. day
Full eyelid surgery 1 3. day
Breast augmentation 1 3. day
Breast reduction 1-2 3. day
Breast lifting 1-2 3. day
Breast lifting plus silicone insertion 1-2 3. day
Mini tummy tuck 0-1 2. day
Full tummy tuck 1-2 5. day
Liposuction 0-2 3-5. day
Hair implantation 0 (Out-patient) 2. gün
Vaginal tightening 0-1 2. day
Aesthetic ear surgery 0 (Out-patient) 2. day
Gynecomastia 0-1 2. day
Fat injection 0-1 2. day
Arm lift 1 3. day
Thigh lifting 1 3. day

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