tr-flagbreast liftBreast is an erogenous organ, symbolizing the femininity. Every women desire to have aesthetically beautiful shaped breasts. Breasts may gain saggy feature due to underdevelopment of breasts or weight loose after pregnancy. Mastopexy breast lift is done aimed at to regain the firmness and shape of the breasts. Mastopexy, aesthetic breast lifting alone may not be satisfactory for the breasts which have not adequate volume. Mastopexy is a surgery for the breast to reshape and lift, it does not provide extra volume. In such cases breast augmentation should be done additional to breast lifting order to gain extra volume and fullness.

Surgical technique of breast lift depends on the degree of sagging of the breasts. Nipple is moved to its normal position and redundant skin is tightened around the nipple in the breasts with mild sagging. This technique leaves a circle scar around the nipple. For more saggy breast, redundant skin of the lower part of the breast need to be tightened, so a vertical scar also remains descending from the nipple towards to crease below the breast additional to circle scar around the nipple. Breasts are reshaped, tightened and lifted as repositioning the nipple and tightening the redundant skin by such procedures. During the breast lift surgery, silicone breast prostheses can also be placed in order to add extra volume and to gain fullness. The surgery does not damage the breast gland and ducts, therefore breast feeding is feasible after probable pregnancy even if a prostheses is placed

The clarity of the scars depends on the age, genetic characteristics and skin quality, but not surgical technique. Remaining scars are usually not conspicuous on the patient with fair skin and good wound healing character.

Breast Lift Surgery

scar of breast lifting

Scars of different surgical techniques for breast lift

Breast lift surgery is done in a hospital under general anesthesia and takes about 2-3 hours. You need 1 day hospitalization after surgery. Severe pain is not usual and possible slight pain can easily be alleviated by medication. Swelling which subsides within a few weeks is natural results of the surgery. Gaining the constant shape of the breast mass and reducing the scars take at least 6 months. The little problems which may manifest long term after surgery due to changing the equilibrium of the static forces on the skin surface such as slight displacement of nipple or conspicuous scar can easily be revised under local anesthesia.

Your breasts will be more youthful and full than they would have been without the surgery. You may also experience an increase in confidence and self-esteem. However, the effects of gravity, pregnancy and weight changes will continue to affect your breasts over time.

Op. Dr. Nazmi Bayçın

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