tr-flagbrow liftAs we age, our facial skin loosens and wrinkles, causing drooping brows as well as creases and lines that can make us appear angry, sad, old or tired. Anything that will cause the skin to lose elasticity will hasten the process, including sun exposure, weight fluctuations and heredity. A brow lift can address these problems by surgically altering the muscles and tissues that cause wrinkling and/or drooping in the area above the eyes.

Endoscopic Brow Lift Procedure

To effect a more complete facial rejuvenation, brow lift is frequently done in combination with other procedures such as upper facelift to firm and tighten skin on the entire face, upper eyelid blepharoplasty to lift and tighten drooping eyelids, or lower eyelid blepharoplasty to remove excess puffiness or wrinkled skin beneath the eyes. Endoscopic brow lift procedure can be done in the hospital or in an office surgical suite, depending on your preferences. Most brow lifts are performed under local anesthesia combined with a sedative to make you drowsy. You’ll be awake but relaxed, and although you may feel some tugging and mild discomfort, you will not feel any pain. The longer the procedure is expected to take, the more likely that general anesthesia will be recommended. You may be allowed to return home within a few hours of the surgery, and spend the night at your home. Brow lift surgery does not cause to feel pain and you can return to routine life immediately. You will be able to shower and shampoo your hair within two days. 1-2 cm. skin cuts are done both sides behind the hair line; therefore scars are camouflaged by hair.

People with inherited conditions, such as a low, heavy brow or furrowed lines above the nose can also gain more alert, refreshed look and self confidence with this procedure.

Op. Dr. Nazmi Bayçın

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