tr-flageyelid surgeryIn our clinic, redundant skin of the upper eyelid tightened both horizontally and vertically. In lower eyelid, fat pads are repositioned without removal, this technique provides much better result than traditional technique that fat pads are removed which causes hollow eye.

Eyelids are aesthetic and functional unit that effect the facial expression and feature. Eyelids are one of the regions where the effects of aging manifesting first. As we age, upper lid skin loosens and drops down together with brows; lower lid skin loosens, fat pads and wrinkles become apparent. When the eye region appears bright and fresh the whole person has an aura of health, vitality and youthfulness. Conversely, when the eyes appear tired, aged or sad, the aura is one of unhealthiness, fatigue and lack of vitality.

Blepharoplasty Surgery

Blepharoplasty is a procedure to improve such complaints. Blepharoplasty, can be performed conjunction with forehead lifting in the cases with forehead wrinkles and brow sagging, conjunction with cheek or face lifting in the cases with cheek sagging. Because of anatomic structure and localization of upper and lower lids are different, each lids are assessed individually. Therefore the surgical techniques for each lid are also different.

On the upper lid, skin is cut along the natural fold line. Redundant skin is removed and tightened both vertically and horizontally. Fat pads that cause bulging are also removed. Skin cut remains hidden along the fold and does not cause visible scars.

upper eyelid blepharoplasty

Redundant skin is resected, then fat pads are removed. Finally skin edges are closed as sutured invisibly.

On the lower lid, skin is cut 1 mm below the eyelash margin. Redundant skin is removed and tightened vertically; and fat pads are repositioned. The technique that I always use which fat pads are repositioned provides much better result than traditional technique that fat pads are removed which causes hollow eye. Skin cut remains hidden within the shadow of the lower lashes and does not cause visible scars.

lower eyelid blepharoplasty

Skin is cut just below the eyelashes, then fat pads are redistributed. Finally redundant skin is resected, then skin edges are closed as sutured invisibly

Operation is done under general or local anesthesia. If additional surgery is planned, general anesthesia is preferred. Correction of each lid takes 30-40 minutes. You may go back to home the same day if blepharoplasty is done alone. Surgery may cause slight pain which can easily be controlled by medication. The swelling and discoloration around the eyes would gradually subside, and you look and feel better each day. Although swelling and bruising varies considerably from person to person, usually disappears within 5-7 days. Actual feature of eyelids is gained within 6 months.

Eyelid surgery can make a remarkable difference in the appearance of the face, alleviating the appearance of tiredness and old age by eliminating the redundant, wrinkly skin beneath the eyes. The eyes appear fresher and more youthful and the results may last for many years. Even though the aging process continues, patients are usually happy with their appearance for many years following eyelid surgery.

Op. Dr. Nazmi Bayçın

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