tr-flagmaxillofacial surgeryThe shape of the facial bones is important factor effecting the facial expression. Deformities of the facial bones cause serious aesthetic problems and especially jaw deformities cause chewing problems as well.

The procedures aimed at the facial bones

Forehead bone (frontal bone) can be reshaped. Depressed frontal bone can be augmented and become more prominent; or prominent frontal bone is reshaped as rasping.

Chin bones (zygoma) can be moved backward, forward, medially, laterally and also reduced or augmented.

Teeth of the upper and lower jaw may not contact regularly due to the disposition of the jaw bones and chewing problems may be observed. In such cases upper jaw and/or lower jaw can be repositioned as moving the jaw bone or bones backward, forward, upward, downward, medially or laterally.

Chin size may be bigger or smaller than normal. In such cases, chin can be resized as chin augmentation or chin reduction.

Facial bones may develop asymmetrically. Various procedures for correction of asymmetry can be applied.

A feminine face can be formed to masculine face; likewise a masculine face can be formed to feminine face.

If you need further details about the maxillofacial surgery, you may call us.

Op. Dr. Nazmi Bayçın

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  1. Christa

    Dear Mr. Baycin,
    My name is Christa and I´m from Germany.
    I just had rhinoplasties before here in Germany , but I´m not satisfied.
    My dream is just a very thin, very short, defined and upturned looking nose, in the style of Michael Jackson or LaToya Jackson. I love this artificial style very much.
    Please let me know if you might help me and how much a rhinoplasty like this would cost me.
    P.S.: I´m also interested in brow-lift and jaw line surgery. But the most important problem is my nose.
    Thanks a lot,


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