tr-flagvaginal outer lip surgeryThe vulva encompasses the external female genitalia. The labia are the visible parts of a woman’s genitals, commonly called lips. The labia majora are folds of skin or fatty tissue, covering a thin layer of smooth muscle lying along each side of the vaginal opening. These are two rounded folds of fatty tissue that are covered with skin and extend downward and backward from the mons pubis. After repeated childbearing, the labia majora become less prominent, and in older women begin to shrivel. The labia area is a sensitive issue for women. Shape of the outer lips of the vagina may cause discomfort, embarrassment, or adversely affect sexual intimacy.

The outer lips may be enlarged from birth, secondary to childbirth or due to aging. The outer lips of the vagina can be enlarged with excess skin and tissue. This enlargement causes an embarrassing bulge in pants or swimsuits. Meanwhile, there are some women than develop very full and large outer lips as a result of weight gain. This becomes a noticeable nuisance when wearing tight pants, shorts or bathing suits. It also traps moisture and causes skin irritation, rash or even promotes yeast infection. Overgrowth of the outer lips may be due to a congenital condition, aggravated by pregnancy or generalized aging. Early or less severe degrees of labia majora hypertrophy without skin laxity can be managed with liposuction if the primary problem is fatty or puffy labia.

Vulvoplasty is a surgical procedure for correction of cosmetic vulvar problems.

Labia Majora Reduction

Vulvar liposuction can completely remove the unsightly fatty bulges of the pubic area and labia majora. The fatty accumulations in these structures produce clothing, undergarment, and bathing suit irregularities and bulges. In some cases it can prevent women from wearing clothing of their choice. More advanced hypertrophy can be treated with labia majora reduction which is accomplished by excising an elliptically shaped section from the inner or hidden surface of each labia majora. The incision is concealed in the valley between the labia minora and majora. Fully developed young women and adult women who are in good health are the best candidates. Labia majora reduction is a female genital surgery to reduce the size of enlarged outer lips of the vagina. This is a relatively minor procedure and is not painful. General anesthesia is usually used, but sedation with local anesthesia is possible if you choose. A portion of each inner labium is removed. The scar is hidden in the concavity between the inner and outer labia. Labia majora reduction, called as vulvoplasty is minor and takes about one hour. Sexual intercourse is restricted for about 2-3 weeks. The incidence of complications is low and manageable. You can resume light duty work in 1-2 days. None of the patients have complained of any loss of sensation or any decline in the ability to have orgasms.

Labia Majora Augmentation

Atrophic (sunken, empty, deflated) appearing labia majora may be a consequence of genetic factors, weight loss or aging. This results in a loss of the youthful fullness of the labia majora. Labia majora augmentation can be achieved by lipoinjection (fat grafting from the abdomen or thighs). This is easily corrected by injecting fat taken from another area of the body. This is collected using liposuction techniques. Labia majora augmentation is relatively minor and is not very uncomfortable. This surgery is typically is scheduled for 1 hour and performed under sedation with local anesthesia or general anesthesia. It is commonly combined with other female genitalia cosmetic surgery procedures. If performed as an isolated procedure, you should be able to resume sexual activities in about two weeks. None of the patients have complained of any loss of sensation or any decline in the ability to have orgasms.

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